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About Bikram Basak

Entrepreneur who believes in making failure an opportunity as an Assets.

Bikram Basak, the founder and CEO of Project TradeX Ecosystem started his career in the financial sector from India. He was very eager to know about Global Finance but he was not satisfied with his work. After this, he joined the BPO voice department as a trainee and got promoted to the management field. In 2017, he started  following crypto very closely and started crafting news that states about the crypto coins and crypto markets. He went to Malaysia and Singapore to understand more about it and its market as it was not possible to know much in India. Towards the end of 2018, he exited from BPO and founded Project Tradex with the aim to build a donor chain. He and his team started the journey with the motive to spread crypto awareness globally.

Following are the ventures and its story-

He started his first venture in 2010 within a decision of 30 minutes supported by a positive team. After spending 9 years he moved with Crypto currencies 

Blockchain Advisory Services is sister concern of Techxavvy E Services and founded to trade in Blockchain technologies. We manage and trade on behalf of our clients and give returns which are best in the market. We trade through top exchanges.

Project Tradex is a Cryptocurrency Ecosystem. You can use its Tradex Token (TXH) on the online Fantasy Betting platform, Order Blood/Plasma on blood management platform, and buy your favorites on TradeXstore platform. You can also create an additional income source by being a trader on TradeXchange platform. We created Project Tradex on a Semi Decentralized platform so that we can keep every stakeholder secure and also prevent from Money laundering.

NFT are a global phenomenon that has been appearing with greater force in developed and emerging economies. Project Tradex Ecosystem is powered by Tradex Token (TXH) NFT developed on the Tron network , is an active means of payment, they are divisible, durable, easy to verify, difficult to forge, portable and easy to transfer.

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